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Damon Q self-ligating metal braces

The best braces concept. More than just straight teeth and a wide smile.
Visible result in 2-3 months
Installation time — up to 2 weeks
from 61 000 Rub
Damon Q braces are all-metal braces that are diamond shaped and miniature in size. This brace system uses lighter forces, initially balancing and removing muscle imbalances, acting less aggressively than ligature braces that would push the teeth forward.

What is different about the concept of the Damon bracket system?

American orthodontist Dwight Damon's system was created 21 years ago and has proven to be a clinically effective technology for the clinician and for the patient, very flexible to solve different orthodontic problems. The Damon philosophy is built around low friction, self-ligation, attention to biomechanics, and minimal tooth extractions in less time and visits. Damon braces are truly a well-designed and attractive product.

How does the Damon system control the muscle influence that is always present in orthodontic treatment?

The bracket system uses lighter forces, initially balancing and removing muscle imbalances. The orthodontic arch itself is very light and doesn't allow the front teeth to go forward unnecessarily, overcoming the natural pressure of the lip, and if the lip is holding the teeth back, then the arch that is trying to correct crowding will expand the tooth row, which is what is needed for orthodontic treatment. It doesn't act as aggressively as ligature braces, which would push the teeth forward.

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Placement process

Damon Q braces are placed on the outer side of the tooth row. First, the locks are placed on the outermost teeth, then all the brackets of the upper and lower jaw are placed at once through indirect fixation (a special option of our clinic, extremely comfortable for patients), and the arches are fixed by closing in the grooves of the brackets with a snap-on transparent lock. And no more rubber bands and garters – only modern technological European approach.


Damon Q braces – are all-metal braces with a diamond shape and miniature size. Each bracket –is a complete orthodontic mechanism with specific parameters and a reliable SpinTek closing and locking mechanism.
One-touch miniature brace retention mechanism
Metal braces on the upper jaw

Advantages and disadvantages of Damon Q metal braces

  • Gentle treatment without tooth extraction, unlike other types of braces

  • The size of the braces is suitable for patients with small teeth, sensitive mucous membranes and low gums

  • The best bracket system for creating a wide smile, correcting a narrowed dentition and crowded teeth

  • Minimum rubbing and special comfort for the patient due to the low profile and diamond-shaped bracket

  • SPINTEK's patented technology: bracket lock + bracket removal tool - fast and super gentle for tooth enamel

  • Minimum plaque and bacteria compared to ligature braces

  • Minimum plaque and bacteria compared to ligature braces

  • The bracket design makes it possible to accurately position braces, control their rotation and attach additional elements to them, thereby solving even complex clinical cases faster and better.

  • More visible compared to similar clear braces

With braces «Damon» in borderline cases, the orthodontist may try treatment without extracting teeth. The system works particularly well in adolescents - the tooth row expands well and the teeth fit into it without the teeth deviating forward.

Care of metal braces

For any braces, our orthodontists recommend additional orthodontic hygiene items:

    • Orthodontic toothbrush and monopuck toothbrush;

    • Dental floss and brushes for interdental spaces;

    • Toothpaste alternating with remineralizing gel;

    • Oral irrigator;

    • Avoid hard foods such as nuts;

Orthodontic treatment process
Consultation with an orthodontist
1 hour
Diagnosis (CBCT, TRG, casts, photoprotocol)
40 minutes
Patient's choice of treatment plan
Oral sanitation or certificate of sanitation
Braces installation
1,5 hours
Tooth alignment
5-6 months
Bite correction
4-10 months
Detailed orthodontic treatment
1-3 months
Retainer placement and braces removal
1 hour
Retention period
from 2 years
Diagnostic consultation with a leading orthodontist
  • A detailed treatment plan in 1.5 hours
  • Planning according to the concept of accelerated treatment
  • Personal curator's help
4 900 rub
10 000 rub

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Cost of Damon braces

61 000 rub

Ортодонтическое лечение Light

Не включает брекет-систему и фиксацию

118 000 rub

Ортодонтическое лечение Standart

Не включает брекет-систему и фиксацию.

168 000 rub

Ортодонтическое лечение Plus

Не включает брекет-систему и фиксацию

218 000 rub

Ортодонтическое лечение TOP (у ведущего врача)

Не включает брекет-систему и фиксацию.

268 000 rub

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Updated 16.02.2024

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