Professional oral hygiene with braces

Thorough and gentle cleaning of the teeth of patients with braces or eliners
Removing orthodontic arches before treatment
Duration of the procedure — 10 minutes
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Oral hygiene is especially important during orthodontic treatment, as braces in the mouth make it difficult to clean the teeth. The arch and locks create hard-to-reach places where food particles remain and provoke bacterial growth. To keep teeth clean and prevent tooth decay, in addition to multi-step home care, you should have a professional cleaning at least once every six months.

Stages of professional hygiene with braces

The complex of professional oral hygiene in the Confidencia Clinic takes 1-1.5 hours. Before starting the procedures, the hygienist conducts a thorough examination to choose an individualized protocol that suits the specific patient, taking into account complaints and anamnesis. General hygiene steps include the following procedures:

  • Preparation of the oral cavity for the procedure: installation of the optragate (soft rotor-extender), removal of orthodontic arches.
  • Determination of the patient's hygiene index. A dye is applied to the teeth, which illuminates the places of special plaque deposition — the brighter the color, the more intense the plaque. In this way, it is possible to identify hard-to-reach areas in a particular patient and create an individualized home hygiene plan and algorithm of tooth brushing.
  • Plaque removal by sandblasting. We use the PROPHYflex machine, which delivers a powerful jet of water with calcium powder. The round granules of powder mechanically scrape away plaque without traumatizing the enamel.
  • Preparation of the oral cavity for the procedure: installation of the optragate (soft rotor-extender), removal of orthodontic arches.
  • Tooth polishing. After brushing with powder, the surface of the teeth becomes rough and thus more sensitive and “convenient” for bacterial growth. Polishing with brushes and pastes is necessary to make the teeth smooth and to consolidate the result of brushing.
  • Remineralization. A gel with fluoride and calcium is applied to the teeth, which removes the sensitivity of tooth enamel to surrounding factors and is also a preventive measure against tooth decay and its complications.

We have the opportunity to perform more intensive remineralizing therapy (deep fluoridation) even with a bracket system due to modern innovative preparations with deeper action.

After finishing brushing, the dental hygienist gives individual recommendations for personalized oral hygiene: recommending brushes, brushes, toothpastes and rinses. If necessary, the specialist can show you how to brush your teeth more thoroughly on a typodont.

Benefits of professional hygiene with braces at Konfidencia

Our clinic specializes in aesthetic orthodontics, so we take meticulous care of your teeth throughout your braces treatment. We perform professional hygiene according to protocols adapted to orthodontic patients and using the most appropriate materials.

  1. Our specialists can remove and place orthodontic arches to clean not only your teeth, but also the grooves of your braces and the arch itself. This not only maintains your oral health, but also helps your bracket system work better.
  2. We use a more delicate calcium powder called PROPHYPerl. Unlike Airflow soda, it has more rounded granules that do not scratch the enamel.
  3. Determine a personalized home hygiene plan based on your hygiene index.
  4. You can clearly see which places you need to pay special attention to when brushing your teeth.
Before and after professional hygiene complex with braces
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Updated 25.12.2023