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Morozov Mikhail Sergeevich

Orthodontist, experience 16 years
😊 An engaging sense of humor
🪶 Delicate manual skills
🎓 Author of his own treatment methodology

About the doctor

He started his medical practice in 2008. By 2019, Mikhail Sergeyevich's portfolio includes 500+ personally completed clinical cases of treatment of adults and adolescents of varying degrees of complexity with self-ligating braces, lingual bracket systems and eliners.

Since 2015, Mikhail Sergeevich has maintained his status as an opinion leader and lecturer for one of the leading manufacturers of bracket systems – Ormco. In 2019, he joined an international team of lecturers, presenting his clinical cases to orthodontists – opinion leaders from Europe and the Middle East.
С 2015 Mikhail Sergeevich maintains the status of an opinion leader and lecturer of one of the leading manufacturers of bracket systems – Ormco company. In 2019, he joined an international team of lecturers, presenting his clinical cases to orthodontists – opinion leaders from Europe and the Middle East.

Lecturing experience of Mikhail Sergeyevich – is 1000+ academic hours, 5 full-fledged programs of author's trainings and 70 conducted seminars and webinars on orthodontic treatment. Most of the trainings were conducted with a focus on the development and training of orthodontists from the regions of the Urals and the Far East.

From 2015 to 2021 — Head of the Orthodontic Department, and from 2021 — Clinical Manager of Konfidencia. The orthodontic department of the clinic — the largest in Russia among private non-network clinics. The clinic has been awarded the status of a reference clinic of world manufacturers of equipment for orthodontics and dentistry.

Mikhail Sergeyevich's opinion is authoritative both for Konfidencia's own clinical team of orthopedists and surgeons, and for doctors at other clinics in St. Petersburg who refer refer referral patients to him for orthodontic treatment.

In addition to his medical work, Mikhail Sergeevich successfully leads a team of 3 teaching orthodontic educators, 4 orthodontic experts and supervises 10 practicing orthodontists in a clinic-based orthodontic residency program. This is the most professionally recommended advanced training format for orthodontic practitioners for advanced training and manual skills. More than 40 out of several hundred graduates of the clinic were trained for 2 years personally by M.S. Morozov and now successfully practice in different cities of Russia.

Mikhail Sergeevich is one of those doctors who found in orthodontics - a complex and intellectual dental specialty - the application of his mind and his vocation. His passion for his work gives him constant professional growth, without which it is difficult to become an expert in such a modern and technological specialty as orthodontics.

Expert areas in orthodontics:

  • Creating personalized smiles
  • Psychological adaptation of patients to orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment of adolescents and adults with skeletal bite disorders with fixed appliances
  • Treatment of severe skeletal bite abnormalities in conjunction with an oral surgeon
  • Treatment of severe crowding without tooth extraction
  • Treatment with lingual braces for cases of any complexity
  • Orthodontic preparation for prosthetics and dental restoration
Education +
Tver State Medical Academy
St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Postgraduate education +
Orthodontics and General Dentistry, St. Petersburg MAPO
Fundamentals of Biomedical Statistics and Planning of Preclinical and Clinical Research, I.P. Pavlov State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education of Pavlov State Pedagogical University of Russia, Ministry of Health of Russia
Self-ligating braces. Indications, features of the use of passive systems, I.I. Mechnikov Northwestern State Medical University
Additional education +
Low friction and weak force orthodontics. The Damon System passive self-ligating system, Dr. Alan Bagden
Modern fixed orthodontic appliances. Advanced course, Ormco
Damon Symposium, St. Petersburg, Russia
Passive self-ligation in 21st century orthodontics, Dr. Garcia Espejo
Application of orthodontic microimplants, Dr. Antonio Gracco
Simple mechanics for great results, Dr. Dimitrias Mavreas
Damon Forum, Antibes, France
Passive self-ligation as a new paradigm in our practice, Dr. Jean-René Van Beseler
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Reviews of the doctor

Saint Petersburg, m. Chernyshevskaya, Tchaikovsky street 5/10

I underwent orthodontic treatment with Mikhail Sergeyevich Morozov. The doctor gave me a complete idea of the treatment already at the first consultation. In my case it was necessary to extract one tooth, as all the teeth did not have enough space, I agreed at once and did not regret it at all. The doctor said that the treatment would take 1.5-2 years. Brackets I had it removed after 1 year and 8 months. I am completely satisfied with the result. Throughout the treatment, the doctor was very attentive to every detail. It was a pleasure to visit the clinic "Confidenza". The clinic staff is very polite. If you are still thinking - to put braces or not, my advice is to definitely put. And fully trust the professionals in the field. I plan to continue treatment at the clinic "Konfidencia", as it is necessary to install a crown on the front dead tooth. Photo "before/after" attached. The photo was taken immediately after whitening. My teeth are unrecognizable.

Saint Petersburg, m. Chernyshevskaya, Tchaikovsky street 5/10

My daughter had bilateral retention of the upper jaw canines. The orthodontists at other clinics refused to take on the treatment, so we came to the Konfidencia clinic and came to see Mikhail Sergeyevich. The doctor agreed to start treatment. Now the child is doing well! Only aesthetic issues remain! With a low bow to my favorite doctor! Mikhail Sergeyevich is the best!

Saint Petersburg, m. Chernyshevskaya, Tchaikovsky street 5/10

It took me 6 long years to decide to get braces. :) During this time I had time to visit 4 different orthodontists (in different clinics) and from each of them I came out in doubts. Worries were about the same as everyone else, in addition, two of the orthodontists to whom I went to consultations, said that without removing two fours in my case is impossible. It was very frightening. And so in 20 years I came to Morozov for a consultation on the urgent advice of a friend, and 15 minutes later I was already signing up for scans and casts. :) Now it's been a year and 10 months - I have already taken off the braces (although the plan was 2 years), I didn't have to remove the quadruplets, and my smile is just Hollywood. ❤ I would probably never have made up my mind if it hadn't been for Mikhail Sergeyevich! He is simply the best in the business!

Liked: Professionalism and experience, high speed of making quality decisions in the process. The trust that the doctor evokes! In my case turned out to be a decisive factor. Humor, pleasant communication. You can see the desire to help the patient.