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Result for life

MIS implants

Restoration of lost teeth
We restore missing teeth even in difficult cases
Treatment period up to 6 months
from 18 100 Rub

MIS implants are manufactured by the Israeli company Medical Implants Technologies Ltd. The products are created using Swiss and Japanese technologies and undergo thorough clinical and laboratory research in cooperation with prestigious universities around the world.

With the help of scientific developments, tests and analysis of the results of implantations performed, the company identifies weaknesses and constantly improves its products.

Features of implants MIS

  1. The porous surface of the titanium post is created by acid etching and sandblasting. The roughened layer allows the implant to be incorporated into the bone material more quickly.
  2. The implants are cast from high quality titanium without impurities and do not contain any additional chemical coating — i.e. they are absolutely hypoallergenic.
  3. Reasonable price for a decent level of quality.
  4. A wide range of implants and prosthetic designs for different clinical cases.
  5. Short engraftment period — 8-10 weeks (compared to other economy implant systems).
  6. 5 year warranty.

Types of Mis implants

Implants MIS C1. Standard tapered implants, which follow the natural shape of the tooth root, are used for classical two-stage implantation. Due to the special hexagonal connection between the implant and the abutment, mobility during chewing is eliminated. The implant is securely fixed in the bone material by means of a double thread.

MIS Seven (Mis 7). The universal tapered implant is suitable for placement in any type of bone and for implantation with bone grafting. The diameter of the double thread increases from the tip to the neck. This design allows the implant to be inserted easily and effortlessly. The tip of the stem (apex) is both cutting and safe — it can be used to set the exact direction of implant placement without unnecessary trauma to the bone.

MIS V3. Implants with a triangular-shaped coronal part (gingival shaper) that encourages natural soft tissue preservation. They are used to restore frontal teeth with maximum aesthetic appearance of the gingiva.

MIS Uno. A thin, one-piece implant and abutment structure for placement in narrow alveolar processes and in conditions of insufficient space. Usually used to restore the anterior incisors on both jaws or to secure a bridge and denture.

MIS M4 implant (BioCom). Cylindrical implant with uniform compression threads. Suitable for one-stage and two-stage implantation.

MIS Link. Mini implants used as a support in orthodontic treatment.

MIS implants combine high quality osseointegration with an affordable price. The wide range of implants can be selected for any clinical case. With proper care and adherence to the doctor's recommendations, Mis implants can last a lifetime.
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Cost of implants Nobel

Имплантат MIS 18 100 rub

Операция имплантации 37 000 rub
Updated 23.12.2023