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Continuation Of Braces

How do I switch to another orthodontist for treatment?
Completing treatment with a stable result
Treatment time — from 8 months

In some cases, completing orthodontic treatment with your orthodontist is not possible due to the doctor or patient moving, changing dental clinics, and more.

Getting treatment from another doctor – is not the easiest task. The orthodontist needs to objectively assess what is happening in the mouth, what movements are occurring, and what treatment plan was followed by the other doctor.

What difficulties may arise during treatment?

  • An orthodontist does not work on appliances that have already been installed on a patient
    All braces and eliners are different and have their own characteristics – each doctor selects the best appliance for him/herself and knows exactly its properties. Treatment with an unfamiliar system may be less predictable, because the doctor does not know exactly how the system works.
    You can either find an orthodontist who works on fitted appliances, or you can have new braces fitted on the recommendation of an orthodontist – both courses of action are acceptable.

  • New orthodontist changes treatment plan
    Orthodontists have different methods of moving teeth and ways to achieve proper alignment, which can lead to changes in the treatment plan and the introduction of additional elements (elastics, buttons, hooks, miniscrews, etc.) and changes in the timing of orthodontic treatment.

Do not worry if something in your treatment goes differently. If you start treatment with another doctor, he or she will make his or her own treatment plan based on the current situation and will take responsibility for the outcome of the treatment himself or herself.

Follow-up care in a clinic «Konfidencia»

We offer patients a number of options when it comes to treatment:

  • If you have come to us because you want to change your current doctor because of mistrust, our main task will be to try to identify the cause of the disagreement. We will clarify what treatment plan was originally made, whether it was adhered to during treatment, and what manipulations were performed at the appointment. We always try to make it possible to repair the relationship with the treating orthodontist to continue treatment.
  • If you have a brace system installed and our doctors are working with it, we perform a full diagnosis and make a new treatment plan. In most cases, the installed system will need to be adjusted — the braces will need to be re-bonded into a new position.
  • If you have a bracket system installed that our doctors do not work with, we recommend removing the braces and taking a break from orthodontic treatment for 3-4 months. During this time, it is necessary to carry out professional hygiene, cure caries if necessary and strengthen the enamel. The orthodontist draws up a new treatment plan, which may differ from the one proposed by the previous orthodontist. And orthodontic treatment begins anew.
  • If you are undergoing treatment on aligners, then when you switch to a new doctor, you will need to prepare a new virtual treatment setup and order a new set of caps. It is impossible to continue treatment with the current set of caps from another doctor, since the doctor in any case needs to plan the treatment again.

Doctor's opinion

In any case, whatever the reason for the patient with braces to orthodontist, half of the success of further treatment will lie in the ability to find a common language between the doctor and the patient from the very first meeting.

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Updated 17.01.2024