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Zoom 4 teeth whitening

Individual approach to whitening with safe Zoom!4 cold light technology.
Safe for enamel
Duration of intake — 2 hours
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When restoring the aesthetics of your smile, giving your teeth their natural white color plays an important role. Unfortunately, unhealthy habits and lifestyle often have a bad effect on the color of teeth, and it is necessary to turn to whitening procedures. 

Cabinet or clinical teeth whitening — is the most effective way to change the color of your teeth by several tones. Home whitening will not produce the desired results in the same short period of time.

Whitening occurs due to the chemical reaction of the oxidizing agent in the gel — hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, with the teeth. The higher the concentration of this substance, the stronger the whitening effect. Gels with a higher oxidizer content can only be safely used by a specialist, who calculates the time of action of the gel on the lips and adjusts the light of the lamp. Light — is an integral part of clinical whitening, it is thanks to light that the chemical reaction of the gel is faster.

Zoom 4 — is a Philips whitening product that includes an LED lamp with intensity settings, Philips ZOOM gel! Chairside and Relief ACP tooth sensitivity reduction product.

The whitening technology is that under ultraviolet light, the hydrogen peroxide contained in the gel breaks down into oxygen, which destroys the dark pigments in the tooth tissue.

The main feature of Zoom 4 — the use of gel with a relatively low content of hydrogen peroxide — 25%. Such whitening in combination with enamel strengthening agent — more gentle than the previous version of Zoom 3 with an oxidant content of 35%, but no less effective.

Benefits of Zoom 4 whitening

  • Gel with low hydrogen peroxide content — 25%. This figure is lower than in previous Zoom systems and modern analogs.

  • Calcium phosphate in the composition of the enamel strengthening gel. The composition of the gel is designed to maximize results with minimal risk to dental health.

  • Philips ZOOM LED Diode Lamp! Chairside does not overheat the teeth thanks to its fine-tuning capability. The dental hygienist adjusts the time and intensity of the light for optimal results without harming your teeth.

  • The procedure is completed with Relief ACP gel to reduce tooth sensitivity. Chemical exposure of the teeth to the oxidizer does not go without a trace for the tooth tissue — together with the aesthetic shade, they acquire excessive sensitivity.

  • Short-term whitening — the procedure lasts only 1 hour and it does not need to be repeated — the whitening effect lasts for several years.

  • Effective whitening of teeth, both teeth with dark color acquired due to food dyes and teeth with a natural yellowish shade.

  • High cost of the procedure

  • Presence of contraindications

Zoom 4 whitening procedure

Before the whitening procedure, the patient must make sure that the teeth are healthy. If there are multiple cavities or old fillings with poor contact, whitening is not done because the whitening gel will penetrate the soft tissue of the tooth — pulp, and cause inflammation — pulpitis.

Hygienic cleaning is necessary after caries treatment. Plaque and tartar buildup will not allow for an even, beautiful whitening result.

When the preparation is complete, you can begin the whitening procedure.

Stages of whitening:
Determination of the current tooth shade on the Vita scale
10 minutes
Applying the product to the gums and soft tissues to protect against burning. Protect eyes from ultraviolet light with goggles.
5 minutes
Application of whitening gel to the surface of the teeth in the smile area.
5 minutes
Exposure of teeth to ultraviolet light.
10-15 minutes, up to 4 exposures
Application of Relief ACP gel to strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity.
10 minutes

Zoom 4 whitening effect

System Zoom 4 whitens teeth by 6-8 tones in 1 visit. If you follow all recommendations, a special diet and regular visits to the hygienist, the result of whitening will last for 3-5 years.

To maintain the whitening effect, it is recommended to additionally use home whitening kits.

How to prolong the result of whitening?

In the first 2 weeks it is necessary to exclude all foods with food dyes or that can stain teeth: black tea, coffee, red wine, beets, carrots, some fruits, dark chocolate, carbonated drinks with dyes, juices and morsels, sauces with dyes (ketchup), spices..

For the first 48 hours, coloring products are strictly forbidden, even in small quantities. And after consuming them, you should brush your teeth immediately and thoroughly.

Since the sensitivity of teeth after whitening is increased, it is also recommended to refrain from eating foods with acids: citrus fruits, sour milk.

You can and should eat foods with a high content of protein and calcium: eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products, rice, oatmeal, beans. This will help to preserve the color and strengthen the enamel — sensitivity will go away faster.

The diet also includes giving up cigarettes completely for 2 days and reducing the amount of tobacco consumed for 2 months.

Use special toothpastes and rinses to reduce tooth sensitivity and strengthen enamel. Usually, at the end of the procedure, the hygienist recommends dental care products and tells you how to take good care of your mouth. 

Contraindications to whitening Zoom 4

  • Age under 16 (office whitening is not recommended until age 20);
  • Allergies and individual intolerance to substances in the composition of the gel;
  • Diseases and inflammation of the gums, tooth decay. Bleaching is also not recommended in case of multiple large fillings in the smile area, as it will have no effect.
  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Malignant tumors.
  • Not suitable for patients with a pacemaker.
Zoom 4 whitening — is a safe, modern way to brighten teeth with stunning results and minimal health risks.
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