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One-stage implantation

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We restore missing teeth even in difficult cases
Treatment period up to 6 months
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Dental implantation — an effective way to restore teeth for life, but long — in the classic version takes 3 to 6 months. The implant is integrated into the bone tissue for several months or only after full engraftment is loaded with a permanent crown. You can find out more about implantation here.

Modern technology in dentistry allows for rapid implantation — placing an implant and a crown in one visit to the dentist. Implant manufacturers are developing models for one-stage implantation with improved stability and osseointegration properties.

In one-stage implantation, a titanium rod — implant is placed immediately after the tooth root is removed into the empty hole. A temporary crown is placed on top, which is replaced with a permanent crown after 2-3 months.

When can one-stage implantation be performed?

  1. When it is necessary to remove the roots of teeth, inability to treat and save the tooth.
  2. With complete destruction of the crown part of the tooth without the possibility of restoration and installation of the crown without an implant.
  3. If necessary, aesthetic restoration of the anterior group of teeth.
  4. If it is necessary to restore several teeth at once — for a faster rehabilitation period compared to the placement of several implants with the classic technique.
One-stage implant procedure
Diagnosis: Examination, 3D image
1 hour
Tests for contraindications
Creating a treatment plan
up to 7 days
Surgical operation: administration of anesthesia, extraction of one or more teeth, drilling of the implant site through the hole after the extracted teeth, placement of the implant.
2 hours
Placement of an abutment and crown, or installation of a gum shaper (in this case, the crown is placed later, after restoration of soft tissues along the contour of the future tooth).
1 hour
Rehabilitation period. The patient takes care of the surgical site and follows the doctor's recommendations until the implant is fully integrated.
3-6 months
Placement of a permanent crown
2 hours

Conditions for one-stage implantation

  1. Implant placement on the same day as tooth extraction. If this is not done immediately, the bone tissue will begin to lose bone and the crown cannot be placed on the implant immediately — the bone will not be able to bear the load. In addition, bone augmentation surgery (adding additional bone material) may be required.
  2. The patient's bone material must be in ideal condition — of sufficient volume and dense structure for the implant to lock into place.
  3. Good oral hygiene, especially important — excellent condition of the neighboring teeth, as they will initially take on the chewing load due to the temporary crown.
  4. The diameter of the tooth extraction hole does not exceed the diameter of the implant.
  5. There are no inflammatory processes at the site of the removed tooth.

Advantages of one-stage implantation

  • Quickly restore a tooth in one dental visit.

  • Preserving the natural contour of the gum.

  • No bone grafting or sinus elevator is necessary.

  • Low traumatic surgery without additional gingival incisions.

  • Saves time and money: the tooth is restored in one day without additional procedures.

  • The most significant disadvantage of one-stage implantation — is a large list of conditions for its realization. The condition of the oral cavity must be almost perfect. Not all patients meet all of these criteria, sometimes even for reasons beyond their control, such as loose bone structure. If an implant is placed, special care must be taken during the rehabilitation period to avoid rejection of the implant.

One-stage implantation — the best choice in a situation where the tooth can no longer be saved. Timely restoration will save time, money and give you the opportunity to maintain a beautiful smile with a natural gum contour.
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Cost of implantation

Консультация хирурга 1 900 rub

Удаление зуба 5 000 rub

Имплантат Neodent 10 150 rub

Имплантат MIS 18 100 rub

Имплантат Nobel Biocare 22 900 rub

Имплантат ASTRA 27 950 rub

Операция имплантации 37 000 rub

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Updated 27.12.2023