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Digital precision

Surgical template for implantation

Instrument for more precise implantation and prosthetics in complex cases
Modeling the position of the future implant and crown digitally
Treatment period up to 6 months
from 28 900 Rub
The surgical template — is an indispensable tool for complex surgical procedures. It is a rigid individual mouth guard — partial or full, which is tightly fixed on the area of future surgical intervention. The use of the template allows you to perform complex surgical manipulations such as implantation, bone block extraction, installation of orthodontic mini implant with high precision.

Types of templates:

According to the technology of creation:

  • Made using CAD/CAM technology — that is, milled on program-controlled machines from a three-dimensional model of the teeth.
  • Manufactured in a vacuum former — a dental apparatus that allows you to create products of the desired shape from thermoplastic material under the influence of vacuum.
  • Printed on a 3D printer.
  • Made from casts.

Surgical templates for the Konfidencia Clinic are created using a professional 3D printer. The advantage is high speed and accuracy of printing (up to 0.1mm), transparency, thin layer of material. All this helps to maximize the view of the surgical site during the operation, reduces the operation time and eliminates errors. Also, it makes it possible to perform implantation without incisions (flapless technique), which speeds up the patient's postoperative rehabilitation.

By material:

  • Made of acrylic
  • Made of polymer plastic

By attachment point:

  • Supported by the bone of the upper or lower jaw
  • Based on adjacent teeth

Template Creation

The process of developing a template is not quick, it requires precise mathematical calculations, so a team of dental surgeons, orthopedist and dental technician works on the creation. The analytical work consists of several stages:

  1. The patient's 3D image is converted into a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) medical file and loaded into a special program — this is the bone reference for creating the template.
  2. In parallel, a reference point based on the position of the soft tissues is created: a scan of the teeth is uploaded to the program (taken at the appointment or a plaster model is scanned beforehand). As a result, a true scan is obtained, where the computer program designs the ideal place for the implants in the correct prosthetic position, their size, inclination and the shape of the prosthesis.
  3. After virtual planning, the dental technician sends the finished digital template to 3D printing, as a result of which the doctor receives a mathematically accurate surgical template for the upcoming work with the patient.
  4. After printing, a metal sleeve is installed in each hole of the template (a guide for installing an implant or an orthodontic mini screw).

Operations using surgical templates

  • Laser gum correction. The template is needed to limit the bone material.
  • Bone block sampling. The amount of bone tissue per fence is calculated based on CT data, which minimizes injury.
  • Dental implantation. The template gives a clear direction for installing the screws and makes the operation more atraumatic.
  • Pilot drilling.
  • Operations with complete absence of teeth, due to which there are no landmarks in the jaw. The correctness and accuracy of the implant placement for the "passive" fit of the orthopedic structure is especially important.

Advantages of working with surgical templates

  • Absolute alignment of bushing and drill bit, so that the drill bit does not wobble;

  • Inaccuracies due to human error have been eliminated;

  • Absence of pain;

  • Speeding up the work process, as the patient is in the dentist's chair less after a pre-designed plan by a team of specialists;

  • Injection of a smaller volume of anesthesia

  • Increased cost of surgery

Features and difficulties of working with surgical templates

The creation of surgical templates implies the competent use of mathematical calculations. The operation process using the template is automatic. But it is very important for a dental surgeon to have the skills to plan such a template and work with it directly.

To ensure that the surgery is quick and atraumatic, prior to surgery, the team of specialists spends sufficient time analyzing data and creating a template where the position of the implant is calculated from the correct position of the crown.

At Konfidencia Clinic, the production time of the surgical template is 7-14 days.
Before starting the implant surgery, the template is tried on. We check the firmness of the fit, the correct positioning of the "sleeves" and additional fasteners. When we are sure that everything is in order and corresponds to the plan, we proceed to the operation itself: anesthesia is administered and the implants are inserted through the pre-planned holes.
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Cost of surgical template

Операция имплантации 37 000 rub
Updated 26.12.2023