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Comprehensive dental examination Dental Check-Up

Comprehensive dental health assessment and step-by-step treatment plan
Includes counseling and professional hygiene
Plan readiness — up to 2 weeks
from 20 000 Rub

The Dental Check-up Program is a basic preventive dental check-up program

In today's world, with its active rhythm of life, health issues for many people are in the background until they begin to bring obvious discomfort. Oral diseases detected in the early stages are much better treated, and timely prevention can prevent or delay the development of many problems.

We suggest that you change your "treat your teeth" position to a "save your teeth" position.

How do you check the health of your teeth?

With the help of a comprehensive oral health audit. It includes specialist consultations and diagnostic tests followed by a conclusion and individual recommendations for treatment or prevention

It's recommended that you get a check-up if:

  • You need orthodontic treatment, meaning that crowding of teeth, malocclusion, joint pain, and bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding) are present.
  • You are unhappy with the overall aesthetics of your smile: your teeth have chips, stains, multiple fillings and restorations, gaps between teeth, your teeth are uneven or crowded, different in color and size.
  • You are missing teeth or are due for extraction, need implants and subsequent dentures.
  • You want to have veneers or crowns placed, you observe tooth erosion.
  • You have multiple oral health problems: cavities, old fillings, pulpitis, periodontitis, gum recession or other periodontal disease, need canal treatment or re-treatment.
Many problems of the oral cavity that you observe at home are most often solved only in a complex. Therefore, the dentists to whom you come for a consultation recommend or insist on additional consultation with another specialist. We offer you not to waste your time, but to get the most complete and understandable consultations at once — in just 3 visits.

What result you'll get:

  • A comprehensive plan from all specialists with options for smile rehabilitation in the planes of aesthetics and function;
  • A presentation with a treatment plan that includes a detailed explanation of why each procedure is needed and what problem it solves, detailed treatment steps and timelines, and an overall financial plan.
  • Professional oral hygiene complex — free of charge (instead of 7 800 rub.)
  • Selection of a complex of home hygiene taking into account personal characteristics.

The main advantage — saving time

The average time patients typically spend on a similar plan – at least 7 hours over 3-5 weeks. With our program, you will spend no more than 4 hours over 10 days.

We will take care of your health and your time.

The program includes:

Professional oral hygiene complex;

Counseling from specialists:

  • a dental therapist;
  • an orthodontist;
  • an orthopedic dentist;
  • an implant surgeon and periodontist;
  • a radiologist based on the results of 3D digital X-ray diagnostics;
  • dental hygienist.

Diagnostic studies:

  • 3D digital radiography;
  • determination of the hygiene index;
  • hardware laser diagnostics of caries;
  • photo protocol;
  • bite diagnosis;
  • periodontal diagnosis;
  • You may also be advised to have blood tests.
A general dentist and the head of the orthodontic department are involved in drawing up a treatment plan based on examinations and diagnostic data.

How the program is conducted

Collection of diagnostic data

You make an appointment with a doctor who will be the coordinator of your preventive program. During one or two visits to the clinic, you fill out a special diagnostic examination protocol, conduct a detailed consultation with the supervising doctor, professional oral hygiene. All of your wishes (this can be the aesthetics and design of your new smile, restorations, veneers, bite correction, whitening) and questions are also entered in detail in a personalized audit questionnaire. The doctors give you personalized oral care recommendations.

Interim results

The supervising physician gathers a consilium of allied specialists (general practitioner, orthodontist, orthopedist, surgeon, etc.) to jointly discuss the results of the examinations and the photoprotocol. Each case is considered on two planes: the health and function of the dentition and joints, as well as the aesthetic component of the smile. The doctors draw up a preliminary individualized plan for prevention or restoration of oral health.

In approximately 5-7 business days, we will invite you in to discuss a comprehensive plan.

Discussion of the comprehensive plan

The supervising dentist will combine all findings into a detailed report and recommendations in the form of a detailed presentation, talk about risk factors and suggest a step-by-step treatment plan, if necessary. You will also receive advice on how to improve your dental health and the possibilities of rehabilitating your smile in accordance with modern gentle techniques, the advice of the doctors and your personal wishes. You will be given a special card with explanations and marking of the necessary steps, so that you can refer to this information at any time.

You may be advised to see other specialists (an ENT doctor, for example).

If you still have questions, your supervising physician will help you make an appointment for face-to-face visits with specialists to sort out subspecialty issues.

Make an appointment for a consultation

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Cost of the program

Dental Check Up 20 000 rub
Updated 24.12.2023

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