Tax deduction for braces

Take a tax deduction for medical treatment

  • You can get a deduction for the treatment of your loved ones
  • Filing period — 3 years
  • And we'll help you prepare the documents
of the cost of treatment
up to 15 600 Rub
maximum refund amount

Instructions for submitting documents

What kind of documents are needed?
Declaration of 3-Personal income tax
Certificate of payment for medical services
We will prepare for you
Copy of the contract for treatment services
We will prepare for you
A copy of the medical facility's license
We will prepare for you
Copies of payment documents confirming treatment
We will prepare for you
Certificate from the place of work on the form 2-personal income tax
Documents confirming kinship
If you get a deduction for treatment of a loved one
Algorithm for filing documents
Collect the necessary documents
Go to the FTS website
Get an electronic signature
In the personal cabinet of the taxpayer
Apply for a deduction
Attach the scans of the required documents
Expect a refund
Up to 3 months

Who can take a tax deduction for braces treatment?

Every patient who is employed and officially pays personal income tax has the opportunity to reimburse 13% of the amount of orthodontic treatment at the expense of taxes paid to the state. True, the state limits the maximum amount spent on treatment as 120,000 rubles. Therefore, it will not be possible to refund more than 15,600 roubles either.

Important features of the tax deduction for braces

  • In order not to waste time and not to collect all the necessary documents every year, it is easier to make a single filing for each year of treatment after the orthodontic treatment is completed. The state limits the period for receiving a tax deduction to 3 years. In this period you will definitely meet both the treatment and the preparation of all necessary documents. For example, if you had braces placed in 2017, you definitely have time to file until 2020.
  • If you choose to be treated at a clinic that charges separately for braces, bars, locks, springs, or other physical components of the brace system, these amounts will not be refunded. They will be deducted from the total amount you submit for refund.
  • The best option for the patient – is orthodontic clinics with turnkey treatment, where the documents will include the therapeutic manipulations - installation or removal of bracket systems and orthodontic treatment, which do not raise questions for the state.

Can I get a refund on my family's orthodontic treatment?

If you only paid for treatment, but are not an orthodontic patient yourself, you are also entitled to a tax deduction. It applies to treatment of close family members – parents, spouses and children under 18 years of age.


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Certificate for tax deduction
  1. We will prepare a certificate and a copy of the contract for you
  2. You can pick up the originals at a convenient clinic at the reception
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