99% grafting rate

Astra Tech implants

Restoration of lost teeth
We restore missing teeth even in difficult cases
Treatment period up to 6 months
from 27 950 Rub

Swedish company Astra Tech Implant System — part of the international holding company Dentsply International — a well-known manufacturer of dental products.

The company is one of the top three global market leaders in implant manufacturers, along with Nobel Care.

The Astra Tech range is created and perfected using proprietary technologies and developments. The high osseointegration rates of Astra Tech implants are confirmed by technical and clinical studies.

Features of Astra Tech implants

  1. MicroThread. The special microthreading on the implant neck reduces the load on the bone tissue. With the help of the thread, the implant is firmly fixed in the bone without damaging it. The load on the bone is distributed evenly without compromising the stability of the structure.
  2. Osseo Speed. The rough fluorine-based coating stimulates bone growth and high integration rate — 99%.
  3. Conical Connective Contour. The bonding of the abutment and implant helps to preserve enough of your own soft tissue to maximize the aesthetic and natural appearance of the gingiva around the crown.
  4. Conical Seal Design. An element of the implant structure that transfers the load from the base of the implant — the part that connects to the crown, to the underlying layers. This is necessary for greater stability and quicker engraftment. Closer to the surface, the bone is less strong and more exposed to pressure. Due to the design of the implants, this pressure is distributed evenly and the bone adapts more quickly to the post

Types of Astra Tech implants

Astra Tech designs implants to solve any — even the most specific clinical cases.

Astra Tech TX Series — versatile implants suitable for complex cases: placement in narrow bone or restoration of frontal teeth. The thinnest implants in the TX — 3S series have a diameter of only 3 mm. There are two types of implants in the series: cylindrical for two-stage implantation and conical for improved stabilization in one-stage implantation.

TX Profile Series is used for implantation in patients with an oblique bone ridge. In these situations, it is usually necessary to add additional material on one side. The beveled shape of the Astra implant solves this problem: the implant is placed in the level of the bone material on both sides of the implant.

Astra Tech implants are considered among the best in terms of their ability to integrate quickly and comfortably. The sophisticated design of the individual models makes it possible to solve complex individual clinical cases. Astra implants — means to solve the problem of missing teeth as technologically advanced and reliable as possible.
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Cost of Astra Tech implants

Имплантат Nobel Biocare 22 900 rub

Операция имплантации 37 000 rub
Updated 27.12.2023