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Today, every corporation that manufactures orthodontic products offers a choice of clear braces - ceramic, sapphire, so-called aesthetic or low-visibility braces. What choice will a patient interested in aesthetics make? Of course, one of the main criteria will be the low visibility on the teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of clear braces

  • Actually, aesthetic appearance. Braces look inconspicuous and elegant, the patient's habituation after the process of installation of these systems is faster.

  • Low degree of traumatization. Aesthetic braces more often have a rounded and smooth surface, which provides comfort during the entire period of bite correction.

  • Allergy-free. Ceramics, sapphire and plastic – are materials that minimize the possibility of allergic reactions. These are the braces that are recommended to be worn by people who are hypersensitive to various metals.

  • The need to change the usual diet. Of course, after the installation of any vestibular braces will have to limit themselves in the consumption of a number of products. However, aesthetic orthodontic devices slightly increase this list. So, for example, in order for the braces not to change their color and remain transparent, you will have to exclude or reduce the consumption of colorful drinks: juices, red wine, tea, coffee and some others.

  • Fragility of the material. They are not as strong and reliable as metal, which means that they will have to be handled with much more care than metal ones.

  • Duration of bite correction. Installation of aesthetic braces involves wearing them for about 2-3 months longer than metal braces. This is due to a higher coefficient of friction between the lock (or ligature) and the arch. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of minor breakages of the structure – this also increases the total period of correction of the bite.

Types of clear braces

Principally, clear braces, like metal braces, can be divided by the type of arch attachment into 2 groups — ligature and self-ligating:
  1. Ligature braces are among the most common types of aesthetic orthodontic systems. The arch in ceramic ligature braces is attached using thin but very strong wires or rubber bands – called ligatures. After the system is installed, you need to visit the orthodontist at least once a month. This system has a disadvantage – pieces of food often get stuck between the ligatures, which contributes to the formation of plaque and increased time for hygiene procedures, which frustrates many patients.

  2. Ligatureless or self-ligating braces have a different design. They have no ligatures, and the arch is held in place with small locks. These braces look neater – this can be seen if you compare photos of both systems.

Today, ligature-free braces made of aesthetic ceramic are becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is a number of significant advantages:

  • this system is faster and easier to install, which significantly reduces psychological discomfort during orthodontic appointments;

  • Ligature-free braces allow you to spend much less time on daily hygiene procedures;

  • When in contact with the mucous membrane locks do not cause discomfort, this makes ligature-free braces less traumatic;

  • after the installation of this kind of ceramic braces, it is not necessary to visit the orthodontist every month – once every 7-8 weeks is enough;

  • high aesthetics – also one of the main advantages of ligature-free braces.

Clear braces can also be categorized by the material from which they were made:

  • plastic,

  • ceramic,

  • sapphire.

Popular types of clear braces

Inspire Ice braces (sapphire)


Brace base Inspire Ice — sapphire. Aluminum oxide is melted and made into a single-crystal mass; by compressing the mass, sapphire is formed — unlike natural sapphire, it is completely transparent.


  • Secure fixation. The braces are very strong, so they will not chip or come off.

  • Full transparency. Because of the transparency, the bracket is less visible, and regardless of the color of the patient's teeth. It can be pure white, grayish or yellowish — the structure will still be almost invisible.

  • Customized removal tool. Inspire Ice braces cannot be simply removed — also because of the reinforced attachment, there is a special tool for their removal. These are plastic pliers that are used to pick up each element so that it is not damaged.


The system is installed if the patient has minor bite problems that require gentle correction and in case of metal allergies.


The systems will not be fitted if the patient has a severe bite abnormality.

Advantages and disadvantages of Inspire Ice

  • Safety.

    Thanks to the material and flawless grinding, Inspire Ice are allergy-free, unable to injure sensitive oral mucosa and will not oxidize over time.

  • Unchangeability.
    Ceramic systems easily change color over time — sapphire, on the other hand, always remains as clear as the day of purchase.

  • Polishing.

    Thanks to the way the components are perfectly polished, the arc fits the sapphires perfectly, the pressure is distributed evenly between them and discomfort during the adaptation process is minimized.

  • Transparency.
    Thanks to the absence of pigmentation, even an attentive person is unlikely to notice the presence of braces — unlike other models, they perfectly blend with any natural shade of enamel.

  • Difficulty of removal.
    Because of the high strength, the removal process can be difficult and more sensitive than other braces.

  • Frequent orthodontist visits
    Ligature braces require more orthodontist activations to replace the rubber bands.

  • Ligatures can darken
    Transparent rubber bands absorb food dyes, so the braces become visible on your teeth.

  • Not suitable for complex cases
    Ligature technology is inferior to modern self-ligating technology in terms of tooth movement efficiency.

Damon Clear and Damon Clear 2 with an improved system for securing the arc in the brace

The popularity of this system is very easy to explain – they require much less time, both when installed in the doctor's chair and for the treatment itself with their help.

Polycrystalline aluminum oxide is used to manufacture the elements of this system.

This material has the properties of both metals and crystal. The material is based on a crystalline lattice, which allows it to withstand high loads without damage. And thanks to special technologies, the material is also made transparent, which allows you not to spend time on the selection of shades and promotes normal communication. This also makes it possible to make the braces themselves smaller and with rounded edges and corners, which gives the greatest comfort to patients when wearing them.

Advantages and disadvantages of Damon Clear

  • Less frequent visits to the orthodontist
    Depending on each individual case, visits to the doctor occur on average every 6–8 weeks.

  • Visible result
    Very fast appearance of the effect (only a few weeks) from wearing, despite the fact that orthodontic treatment is a very long process and the first results must wait for a long time.

  • Comfortable

    Reduces discomfort and eliminates mucosal trauma by applying gradually increasing pressure force and soft rounded shape of all design elements.

  • Do not absorb dyes
    The design is easy to clean and does not change color even after systematic use of products with strong dyes – different drinks, coffee, berries and so on.

  • Fragility
    Not recommended for use on lateral teeth to avoid chipping. Recommended to be combined with Damon metal braces

  • Large size
    The profile of self-ligating aesthetic braces is thicker compared to metal braces.

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