Splint Therapy Aqualizer

Modern system for diagnosis of TMJ dysfunction and relief of joint pain syndrome
Works in as little as 20 minutes
Usage period — up to 2 weeks
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Revolutionary liquid splint system Aqualizer® is different from any other product on the market for the treatment of TMJ. It is unique. Her revolutionary floating action allows the body to find and restore without invasive intervention its own systemic function and balance of equilibrium in the joint.

Aqualizer - is a short-term temporary diagnostic splint for patients with TMJ problems and pain. Crucially, it is a non-invasive, reversible, inexpensive and pain-relieving test that helps the orthodontist correctly and definitively diagnose the joint problem BEFORE treatment begins, reducing the risks of errors and their consequences. An equalizer is not a substitute for treatment.

A reduction in pain after using the Aqualaser confirms that the pain is caused or aggravated by the occlusion and not by another cause. Lack of symptom improvement for a maximum of 48 hours indicates that the symptoms are due to other causes, making occlusal treatment impossible.

More than a million patients have experienced rapid pain relief with Splint Aqualizer

Aqualizer offers the best functional treatment planning with a preliminary analysis of the harmony between teeth, mandible and the entire muscle complex. It relieves pain in the area of orthodontic muscles during treatment, without interfering with the movement of teeth.

  • The integrated Aqualizer fluid system automatically corrects occlusal imbalances that cause painful patient symptoms.

  • The fluid base of the splint works to relax the patient's muscles so they can move the jaw into the most comfortable position, allowing the body to naturally find pain relief and balance in the joint.

  • Unlike most joint splints, the Aqualizer doesn't just disable the bite for a long period of time or guess the optimal occlusion - it's a huge step forward in the treatment of joint problems..

What is the difference between the Aqualizer and other joint splints?

Aqualizer is not just another joint splint. It is a new wave of temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment that treats a patient's pain quickly and accurately, saving precious treatment time and increasing patient comfort.

The Aqualizer is a self-adjusting splint that creates perfect bite balance and stability through a minimally invasive approach.

This is a self-adjusting splint that creates perfect bite balance and stability through a minimally invasive approach to treating the joint. It works by allowing the muscles to automatically move the jaw to where it naturally works best.

Aqualizer can work effectively even when the diagnosis is uncertain. While other dental splints and treatments can make the situation worse, causing even more pain.

What is the increased effectiveness of the Aqualizer?

  1. Instant optimization of bite biomechanics

  2. Isolation of problematic contacts and pressure zones of teeth in the bite

  3. Perfect occlusal balance through the body's natural balancing of occlusion

  4. Keeping the jaws in a relaxed position

  5. The pain then disappears in just a few minutes and without pills

  6. Immediate start of treatment

What is the Aqualizer splint system?

  1. It is a soft and flexible splint made of medical silicone with two small flat pads in the side sections filled with distilled water.

  2. It is ready for immediate use immediately after opening the package, without requiring lengthy adjustments or laboratory work. It's really an instant tire..

  3. The thermoactive material from which the Aqualizer® is made adapts to the anatomical shape of the patient's dentition within minutes without causing discomfort during wear.

How does the Aqualizer joint splint work?

The Aqualizer splint functions according to the principle of hydrostatics, based on Pascal's law: the pressure at any point in the resting fluid is the same in all directions and is transmitted evenly throughout the fluid. When the jaws are compressed, the fluid inside the splint cushions the load and redistributes it evenly over the entire occlusal area.

The liquid enclosed Aqualizer system dynamically and continuously balances both sides of the jaw. This supports muscle function, muscle imbalances disappear and muscle coordination improves. Within minutes, headaches as well as pain in the shoulder, neck and back muscles subside, giving patients relief.

Aqualizer allows the body to naturally balance itself without affecting the position of the joint in any way.

How do I use the Aqualizer Splint?

  1. Aqualizer® Splint is used from a few days to 1-2 weeks depending on your doctor's recommendations.

  2. The splint should be worn twice as long as it takes to relieve pain, and then removed.

  3. If the symptoms start to appear again, then put them back on.

  4. It is not recommended to exceed the wearing of a splint for more than 8 hours a day.

  5. If irritation or other problems occur, the splint should be removed immediately.

  6. Patients who clench or grind their teeth hard may bite through the silicone, it's no big deal – there is plain distilled water inside, but it will need to be replaced.

  7. The effect should appear within the first 10 to 20 minutes of using the splint.

Why can joint pain occur and how to understand why?

Stress. Our neuromuscular system is constantly reacting to external stressors and environmental influences. Day in and day out, we deal with stress, panic or fear. In times of stress, starting to clench your teeth, this can happen either consciously or unconsciously at night. Subconsciously we clench or grind our teeth at night. In the morning we wake up with a headache, especially in the frontal area or temples. Such a headache indicates tension in the muscles of the head, neck or jaw.

Bite correction. Quite often a new filling, crown or bridge causes teeth grinding or clenching. There is a feeling that they are too high and rather interfere when biting. Gradually, a new bite is created, which can again lead to muscle tension.

These problems are usually dealt with by the orthodontist by diagnosing and fabricating a customized bite-correcting splint. The Aqualizer is the only splint that can be recommended to every patient immediately, without preparation or laboratory procedures.

By filling with water, the Aqualizer automatically adapts to the anatomy of the patient. Pain or muscle tension is immediately reduced. In this way, the Aqualizer performs several functions – both analgesic and diagnostic - which are essential in the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome.

Classic signs of joint dysfunction syndrome:

  • Ear pain

  • Headache

  • Photophobia

  • Gnashing of teeth (bruxism)

  • Pain in the lower jaw

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Back pain

  • Tension or spasms of the muscles of the occiput

Recommendations for Equalizer patients

  1. The correct size of the Equalizer splint is selected only by the attending physician, depending on the occlusive characteristics of the patient.

  2. It is most convenient to wear a splint on the upper jaw, the teeth should lie evenly on the splint pads.

  3. If you have a feeling that the Equalizer may slip off your teeth, then you need to squeeze it a little harder once so that the shape adapts to your teeth.

  4. It is not necessary to constantly press hard on the Equalizer to relax the chewing muscles, the teeth should take as relaxed a position as possible on it.

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