Orthos ligature metal braces

Classic bracket design
Small size for comfortable treatment
We recommend more modern systems

The Orthos bracket system (Orthos) is a comprehensively programmed and coordinated system of brackets, locks and arches to achieve high clinical performance at an affordable price with predictable results.

Advantages of Orthos bracket system

    • Price

The traditional Orthos ligature bracket system has a simple design: metal brackets, an arch, elastic ligatures (rubber bands that attach the arch to the brackets). Thanks to its technically simple but well thought-out solution, the system is 3 times cheaper than later models of braces and allows you to get effective results.

    • Efficiency

To develop the most effective ligature system possible, the Ormco team has worked for more than 5 years by carefully anatomically analyzing more than 100 orthodontic cases using computer engineering techniques. The Orthos system allows for the best possible tooth alignment, minimizing the need for arch bending, making treatment efficient and orthodontic visits less frequent.

    • Comfort

The presence of compensation (rotation) of the canine bracket groove allowed us to significantly reduce the thickness of the anterior teeth brackets and maximize patient comfort.

    • Bite correction in children

The Orthos bracket system is suitable for adults and children. But in children's orthodontics, this system has an exceptional advantage: all brackets for premolars have an enlarged base and are offset to the gingiva, which makes it possible to securely fix them to incompletely erupted teeth at the required height. The multicolored elastic ligatures are a nice bonus for your child.

    • Limited indications

Ligature systems are less effective in solving complex clinical cases compared to more modern self-ligating braces

    • Require more visits

The ligatures that hold the arch need to be replaced as they wear out so that the arch does not lose effectiveness. Unlike the lids of self-ligating braces, which can be closed by yourself, the ligature must be replaced at your doctor's appointment.

Titanium Orthos (Titanium Orthos) - Orthos braces made of titanium. They have all the advantages that titanium provides: hypoallergenic, secure fixation, comfortable wearing.

Ligature Braces Care

When treated with ligature braces, oral hygiene must be especially careful to avoid bacteria buildup under the ligatures, which can lead to tooth decay. In addition to in-office professional orthodontic hygiene once every 2 months, our orthodontists recommend additional items for home hygiene:

    • orthodontic toothbrush and monopuck toothbrush;

    • dental floss and brushes for interdental spaces;

    • toothpaste alternating with remineralizing gel;

    • oral irrigator;

    • avoid hard foods such as nuts;

Orthos metal brace
Orthos bracket system structure: bracket, arch and ligature

Orthodontists recommend

Orthodontic treatment process
Consultation with an orthodontist
1 hour
Diagnosis (CBCT, TRG, casts, photoprotocol)
40 minutes
Patient's choice of treatment plan
Oral sanitation or certificate of sanitation
Braces installation
1,5 hours
Tooth alignment
7-10 months
Bite correction
10-14 months
Detailed orthodontic treatment
1-3 months
Retainer placement and braces removal
1 hour
Retention period
from 2 years
Diagnostic consultation with a leading orthodontist
  • A detailed treatment plan in 1.5 hours
  • Planning according to the concept of accelerated treatment
  • Personal curator's help
4 900 rub
10 000 rub

Cost of treatment with braces

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How to put braces: from consultation to fixation
Updated 16.02.2024