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Prices for braces

Transparent treatment prices with no hidden fees. The cost of your treatment is fixed before it starts and does not increase during the process.
How to start orthodontics?
Express orthodontic consultation
0 rub
Diagnostic consultation with a leading orthodontist
4 900 rub
Diagnostic consultation with the head of the orthodontic department 7 500 rub
Why a diagnosis before braces are fitted?
Orthodontic diagnosis — is the collection and analysis of data about the condition of the teeth, bone and soft tissues of the face. In order for the bracket system to work effectively and make the desired movements, they must be properly planned. The orthodontist assesses what position and angle the roots of the teeth are in, how much bone is around the root, and calculates which way and how much each tooth can be moved and how the position of the lips and chin will change.
It is after diagnosis that the orthodontist will be able to accurately answer the questions: whether teeth need to be extracted, how long the treatment will last, and which appliance will be optimal.
In our clinic orthodontic diagnostics includes: CBCT image, scanning, photoprotocol, 3D-cephalometric analysis and preparation of a treatment plan. Diagnostic consultation of leading orthodontists thanks to the experience of doctors allows you to get a treatment plan in 1 visit.
What do braces prices consist of?
Orthodontic treatment at our clinic includes:
The bracket system itself is for 1 or 2 teeth. Most often, an adult patient needs braces on two jaws. It is possible to install different systems on the upper and lower jaws: ceramic on top and more reliable metal braces on the bottom. We work with American Damon self-ligating braces because we are confident in their quality, predictability and patient comfort.
Indirect retention — is the transfer of the locks from the individual mouth guard into the mouth at the time of placement, instead of gluing each lock separately. The mouthguards for our patients are digitally modeled from 3D scans of the teeth and printed on a 3D printer in our in-house lab. This makes braces fitting more accurate and faster.
An orthodontic kit — is a set of orthodontic arches, buttons, extra locks, elastics and other replaceable elements of the system that will be needed in the process. If you lose a lock or any other element, you can always make an unscheduled doctor's appointment.
Orthodontic treatment (three degrees of complexity) — this includes all orthodontic activations and unscheduled visits until removal. We calculate the cost immediately before the braces are placed and fix it until the end of treatment. Regardless of the number of activations, exchange rate changes or other circumstances, the total turnkey cost will not change. Orthodontics with leading orthodontists has a fixed cost regardless of the degree of complexity.
Difficulty Light — is designed for clinical cases lasting from 8 months to 1.5 years. Most often, braces for such a period of time are fitted in case of slight crowding of the teeth.
Difficulty Standart — clinical case with a treatment duration of 1.5 to 2 years.
Difficulty Plus — correction of complex pathologies lasting 2 years or more. Usually includes large tooth movements, treatment with extraction, closing large gaps.
The treatment plan at Konfidencia is always prepared only after diagnosis and is discussed before braces are fitted. You will immediately know the complexity of your case, the timing, the need for additional procedures or appliances. Financial transparency — this is one of our main principles.
What do I need to do after braces are removed?
After removal, we always perform a professional oral hygiene to remove any residual plaque and orthodontic adhesive. The enamel of the teeth is carefully polished and covered with remineralizing agents.
To fix the result, the patient is fitted with fixed retainers and a night mouth guard is made for both teeth.
Patients who have their braces fitted at our clinic have free check-ups for 2 years after removal to monitor the result and can have the retainer reattached and re-glued in case of breakage at no charge.
What might be the additional costs?
We recommend patients to attend regular oral hygiene, as thorough self-cleaning of teeth with a construction in the mouth — is not the easiest task.
It will still be necessary to take follow-up CT scans during the treatment phases so that the doctor can evaluate the outcome and the safety of movement.
Some clinical cases involve the placement of orthodontic miniscrews to make more precise movements.
We offer orthodontic treatment packages for patients that include unlimited hygiene, follow-up CT scans, and retainers.

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