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For kids from 6 years old


Removable appliance for shaping the correct bite and working the muscles in the shift bite
Suitable for toddlers from 6 years old
Treatment time — from 3 months
from 29 500 rub

Trainer — is a removable orthodontic appliance made of hypoallergenic material, designed to correct teeth at an early age — during the period of deciduous and replacement bite.

What does the trainer look like?

A trainer — is a bicuspid mouth guard made of silicone or polyurethane. The design consists of arches for the tooth rows with recesses for individual teeth, a tongue that corrects the position of the tongue and a lip bumper. Such an appliance is not made individually, the orthodontist selects a suitable model for the patient. Trainers depending on the type and manufacturer may differ in size, width, length of the arch for the tooth row.

How does the trainer work?"

The trainer is worn on both tooth rows, the teeth fall into special recesses. In this way, the jaws and teeth are gently fixed in the correct physiological position — the mouth guard prevents them from taking the usual incorrect position. The apparatus works as a trainer of the masticatory muscles and tongue, accustoming them to the correct, physiological work. An important function of the trainer — correcting and preventing the development of bad habits in children.

The lip bumper prevents unconscious sucking of fingers during sleep, prevents touching teeth with hands.
The protrusion inside the center of the arch fixes the tongue in the correct position — prevents the tongue from remaining between the teeth (prevents the formation of an open bite). The solid construction itself promotes proper breathing — through the nose. 

Types of trainers

Trainer for Children

The trainer is designed for early treatment of children who still have milk teeth or are just beginning to erupt permanent teeth. The action of the mouth guard is quite mild, so it is only effective for the growing body during the period of active jaw formation, muscle and tooth growth. 

Trainers can be used from about 6 years of age. The mouth guard prevents the formation of dental and jaw abnormalities, corrects minor crookedness and crowding of teeth, and forms correct habits.

Before and after wearing the trainer for 4 months

Pre-orthodontic trainer

Removable silicone mouth guards are often used as preparation for subsequent orthodontic treatment on braces, plates or aligners. The pre-orthodontic trainer is used to develop healthy habits, consolidate the correct position of the tongue, lips and muscle growth.

The complex effect of the device prevents improper growth of teeth and the formation of malocclusion, promotes the development of proper breathing and slightly changes the position of teeth. Pre-orthodontic trainers have been used since the age of 5 and significantly reduce the duration and complexity of treatment on braces in the future. With a simple clinical case and responsible wearing of the trainer, you can do without installing a bracket system in the future, but the final conclusion is given by the doctor.

Types of Myobrace Starter Pre-orthodontic Trainers:

  • Initial Pre-Orthodontic Trainer T4K (blue) — a soft appliance that can adapt to almost any initial position of the teeth.

  • The final pre-orthodontic trainer T4K (pink) — a more rigid mouthpiece that fixes the result of the alignment of the initial trainer into a stable position.

Myobrace Rigid Frame Trainer

This type of trainer is used during the periodontal or permanent bite to correct the position of the teeth due to its rigid nylon and silicone construction with individual cells for each tooth. The trainer series is available in 7 sizes to suit different ages from 10-12 years old. Even a rigid trainer cannot replace braces for complex bite abnormalities, but it can correct the position of a single tooth.

Trainer for Adults

Caps do not correct bite and misaligned teeth in adults because they cannot exert enough mechanical force on the teeth.  Adults may be prescribed a trainer as a retention mouthguard after braces are removed or as a remedy for minor relapses after orthodontic treatment.

Myobrace No Core Frameless Trainer

The Myobrace No Core Flexible Trainer is most commonly used when completing orthodontic treatment in adults as a retention night mouth guard. The appliance helps to improve occlusal contacts and stable tooth positioning. The trainer is also available in 7 sizes.

Indications and contraindications for the use of trainers


  • Oral breathing;

  • Uneven teeth, slight crowding;

  • Preparation for treatment with braces;

  • Bad habits: touching teeth with fingers, tongue between teeth, sucking fingers and pencils.


  • Nasal congestion, chronic runny nose (mouth breathing is not possible in the trainer);

  • Severe anomalies and curvature of teeth

How and how long to wear tracers?"

Since trayners are quite massive, they are only worn at night and for 1-4 hours during the day. The patient may feel pressure and a little soreness at first.

The traps work and correct your teeth on a regular basis.

Caps work and correct teeth only when worn regularly and visible results appear after 6-12 months.

Even with regular use of the trainer, additional orthodontic treatment with braces or eliners may be needed afterwards — it all depends on the complexity of the clinical case.

If your child doesn't wear a trainer regularly, orthodontists recommend fixed partial braces. These will work in the mouth 24 hours a day and will definitely give results.

The retention brace is also worn at night and is finished according to the treatment plan.

Trainer care rules

Cleaning the trainer after each use is mandatory — it directly affects the health of the teeth and the life of the appliance.

Luckily, tracers are easy to clean, unlike fixed designs, — they can be removed and simply rinsed with running water. However, due to the nature of the material, there are a few important rules to follow when cleaning the trainer:

  • Do not rinse the trainer with too hot or cold water — silicone or polyurethane can deform, the device will lose its shape and the main function of aligning teeth.Do not rub the trainer with hard objects, do not scratch or stretch it.

  • Do not rub the trainer hard with hard objects, scratch or stretch. The same rules must be observed while wearing the device: they do not talk to it, do not chew and do not try to change the fixed position of the teeth. Otherwise, the trainer will not work and properly affect the teeth.

  • Periodically, the trainer needs to be washed with soap or cleaned with toothpaste, since running water does not always wash away all dirt, bacteria form on them and cause caries.

  • Trainers are stored in a special plastic container so that it does not deform and does not get dirty until it is used.

Before and after wearing the trainer for 10 months
Where to start?

Make an appointment for a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist

Trainer cost

Консультация детского ортодонта 1 900 rub

Лечение с помощью ЛМ активатора, трейнера 29 500 rub
Updated 19.01.2024