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Mouth guards to correct the bite and align teeth

A discreet alternative to braces to create a beautiful and healthy smile.
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Installation time — up to 2 months
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Dental aligners are made in the form of transparent caps made of a material that is strong and flexible. They are placed directly on the teeth and due to mechanical action they gradually make the teeth row more even. It is advisable to use aligner caps if the bite pathology is small or as a support after wearing braces.

Types of caps and materials for their manufacture

Mouthguards for bite correction and teeth alignment are divided into 2 types:

  1. The aligner system. With the help of computer modeling, all mouthguards for teeth alignment and bite correction are immediately made at once.

  2. Single mouthguards. Each mouth guard requires a new impression to be made. Used to treat minor relapse (only aligning teeth), made from 2 hours to 2-3 days (online – approximately 2 hours for fabrication if technician is available at the clinic). Usually do not make more than 2-3 mouthguards.

Both options are made of bioplastics. Both must be worn around the clock. The only difference is in the principle of manufacture.

The mouth guards are easily removable, and the child can remove them himself at any time. However, they are not visible, and they are psychologically more comfortable to wear than braces.

Correction of bite with mouth guards is possible even for public people, politicians, musicians, actors. They are often in plain sight and do not want to spoil the smile with a bracket system. Transparent structures are simply irreplaceable for them.

The principle of operation

According to the principle of impact, the caps are divided into aligners and trainers. These designs give different results. With the help of cap aligners, malocclusion can be corrected. Due to the pressure exerted on the teeth, they gradually assume the correct position in the jaw, and the device holds them in it. During the course of kapami treatment, the orthodontist gives the patient a new pair every two weeks, which each time has a slightly modified shape.

Trainers have an effect not on teeth, but on muscles. Wearing such mouth guards is important to remove the root cause of malocclusion. Wearing cap aligners should often be around the clock, and trainers are worn for 1-2 hours during the day and at night. With this method, it is possible to align the dentition, experiencing minimal discomfort and without injuring bones, teeth and gums.

Indications for use

Mouthguards for correcting malocclusion are recommended for people with diastema. It is expressed in the form of wide gaps between the front teeth. They also help with a twisted dentition. With an expanded or narrowed dental arch, aligners will also help solve the problem.

For some people, the bracket system is not suitable due to an allergic reaction to the materials used for its manufacture. Then the use of a mouth guard becomes the only alternative to align the dentition.

Advantages and disadvantages of mouthguards

  • Absence of discomfort;

  • Do not spoil the diction and appearance of a person;

  • Do not damage the surrounding tissues;

  • Do not erase tooth enamel;

  • Do not contribute to the development of caries;

  • Easy to wear and care for.

  • The cost is higher than braces and depends on the severity of the defects, the more complex the situation, the more mouthguards will be required and the higher the cost of treatment;

  • Carelessness in use – since a person can remove them themselves, many abuse this, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of therapy.

The treatment process, manufacture, installation, how much is worn

Treatment related to bite correction with a mouth guard begins with a consultation with an orthodontist. After analyzing the situation and assessing its complexity, the doctor will determine the appropriate type of cap and the duration of therapy. Then the structure is made as follows:

  • casts are taken and a plaster model of the jaw is made;

  • with the help of a laser scanner, the result is digitized and a 3D model is made with the correct location of the teeth;

  • the patient is shown the result;

  • after a positive decision of the client, a series of designs with a certain numbering is produced.

Before the mouth guard is placed, the teeth must be professionally cleaned and an enamel strengthening procedure (remineralization) must be performed. Depending on the complexity of the situation may require different time for treatment – from 8 months to 2 years. But do not be frightened – mouth guards are comfortable to wear, they quickly get used to them. Some people are uncomfortable talking in the first few days, but you can also quickly adjust. The effect of wearing them for small defects is noticeable after 2-3 months, if you do it regularly and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Mouth guard care

Trainers and aligners are relatively easy to care for. They should be removed before eating. It is advisable to rinse them in warm water every time. It is not recommended to smoke in mouthguards, it also needs to be removed before doing so. A box is attached to the design, in which it can be temporarily stored.

You need to clean the mouthguards inside and out with a toothbrush and paste twice a day. When rinsing, it is important to ensure that the water is not too hot, otherwise the structure may deform. After thorough cleaning, they are simply put back on.

Where to order and how much do they cost?

Order quality mouth guards in St. Petersburg can be in our clinic of aesthetic orthodontics «Konfidencia». Call: 8-812 - 326-12 09 or fill out the feedback form. Our specialists will advise you in detail on all the questions you may have. Call! Write! You can find out how much the mouth guards cost on our website, a more accurate price you will be told directly after the examination in the clinic. We will be glad to see you in our clinic!

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