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Insignia Digital Orthodontics

1-piece custom braces for each patient allow for shorter treatment times
Predicted outcome
Temporarily unavailable in Russia

Digital orthodontics is a revolutionary step in improving orthodontic treatment. It is an absolute win-win situation for orthodontist and patient, where the doctor enjoys the process of comfortable and predictable treatment as much as the patient enjoys the excellent results.

What are INSIGNIA custom braces?

INSIGNIA custom braces – is a digital enhancement of the Damon braces system and the production of individualized braces for each patient. The option is available for two types of Ormco self-ligating braces – ceramic Damon Clear and metal Damon Q. In the first case the braces are called INSIGNIA Damon Clear and in the second case they are called INSIGNIA Damon Q.

Orthodontists recommend

Digital visualization of smile and pre-treatment results

  • A step-by-step animation of the smile transformation from the beginning of treatment to the removal of braces.

  • A virtual orthodontic set-up of your future smile.

Technology to fully customize the brace system for the patient:

  • It's Ormco Orthodontic Corporation's groundbreaking innovations and 100 registered patents that take you first into the world of digital orthodontics.

  • It is a perfect algorithm that precisely calculates the position and shape for each tooth.

  • It is a customized design for each bracket and arch, reducing the amount of detail in orthodontic treatment.

The premiere of the magic of digital technologies INSIGNIA

Determining the unique anatomy and positioning of each tooth in 3 planes and adding this information to the configuration of each bracket.

To achieve the desired smile shape, INSIGNIA calculates a set of individual shapes of orthodontic arches coordinated for the upper and lower jaw with bends pre-attached to them according to the individual setup of the patient.

Real orthodontics for the sophisticated

Each bracket is one of a kind

Flawless digital calculation of each bracket configuration for extreme accuracy.

Precise biomechanics

Transfer relief mouthguards for clear positioning of braces on teeth.

Just like one, two, three

Simplified fixation of caps with relief of the patient's teeth, even on curved occlusal surfaces.

The uniqueness of each tooth

INSIGNIA technology gives the physician so many possibilities

The main one is the use of custom braces, which are made according to the patient's diagnostic model. The orthodontist first creates what is known as a set-up - the final position of the teeth that the patient should have at the end of treatment. It is to this set-up that the braces are made.

How are custom braces created? - In 4 steps, just like the INSIGNIA technology logo

  1. Virtual Dental Impression

    The orthodontist uses a digitized dental impression or intraoral scan to create a virtual model of the patient's dentition on a computer, with the patient's teeth in their original positions.

  2. Computer modeling and smile design

    In a special orthodontic program, the teeth are aligned and the bite is corrected, and the orthodontist finalizes the details of the set-up based on the patient's treatment plan. Visualization is especially relevant for complex treatment plans, where there is complex geometry and it is not always immediately clear how the teeth will fit together. Both the dentist and the patient can see this in person and simulate a treatment plan.

    A standard system - not customized - does the same thing, but it places the teeth in the dentition the way the manufacturer has planned it according to averages, and then the doctor further individualizes it all by hand based on his experience and expertise.

    Conclusion 1. Time is saved because the doctor does it in advance and more accurately with digital planning on the computer.

    Conclusion 2. The orthodontist does not have to spend time detailing the treatment. Usually at the end of treatment the patient's teeth are almost straight and the patient does not understand what the visit is for when they come to the orthodontist, while the orthodontist is detailing. The detailing stage is one of the most difficult for the orthodontist in terms of motivating the patient, as visually everything is already in order. It can be quite difficult for the doctor himself to perform this detailing, not all novice orthodontists are able to accurately make curves and re-bond braces. With INSIGNIA technology, the orthodontist performs the individualization on the computer before the bracket system is fitted.

  3. Creating a brace system

    The braces are customized so that the teeth will eventually stand in their intended positions.

    The patient gets a brace system that is made exactly to fit his teeth. He gets predictability. The patient knows in advance what the teeth will look like after the treatment is finished and can see it. And most importantly, it reduces the number of visits and shortens the treatment period.

  4. Fixation of the bracket system

    Six weeks after the orthodontist sends the virtual set-up to the Ormco laboratory in the USA for fabrication, the doctor receives the patient's personalized INSIGNIA Kit with individual arches and brackets, which are located in special portable transfers (mouth guards) and will not allow the orthodontist to make a mistake with the fixation of the brackets. These mouthguards are made from the patient's impressions using 3D printing and fully reflect the relief of his teeth. If the doctor fixes this transfer onto the patient's tooth - the brace will automatically fit exactly where it should be. It is impossible to make a mistake with the positioning of the bracket. This reduces the number of detachments - brackets are fixed in groups, everything happens faster and more convenient for both the doctor and the patient. The bars are also clearly indicated from the initial size to the maximum size.

Ormco conducted a study comparing the treatment of two groups of patients - with direct fixation and INSIGNIA technology. The difference in treatment efficiency was up to 30% in the number of visits, as any incorrectly fixed bracket – it is an extra visit to the orthodontist. Learn more about indirect fixation at Konfidencia Clinic.

What should I do if my INSIGNIA brace comes off?

There is no need to wait 6 weeks. It's just an extra visit to the orthodontist, INSIGNIA always comes with spare mouth guards with braces.

Where are INSIGNIA braces made and how long does it take?

INSIGNIA braces are manufactured in Ormco laboratories in the USA in 2-3 weeks. The same amount of time is required for delivery to Russia. Even during the "long" holidays, patients do not wait more than 2 months for their whales.

For a patient 6 weeks of waiting for custom INSIGNIA braces is a 6-month reduction in treatment on traditional braces.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Insignia system

  • Up to six months shorter braces – which is 4 fewer activations and 1 less orthodontic oral hygiene than treatment with the effective but conventional Damon Q braces.

  • Reducing the risk of tooth decay while wearing braces to virtually zero.

  • Reducing the risk of braces being incorrectly fixed by the orthodontist.

  • Predictability of tooth movement to within tenths of a millimeter.

  • Full visualization of the patient's future smile.

  • Adequately priced for results above patient expectations – only 33% difference between conventional Damon Q braces and Damon Q custom braces with INSIGNIA technology.

  • Waiting time for braces delivery — up to 6 weeks

What do INSIGNIA custom braces look like?

Visually to the patient, they are no different from regular Damon – ceramic or metal braces, except for slight changes in bracket configuration. All the characteristics of each brace will be completely individualized. Each bracket is individually designed with angles that allow it, aligned in a straight arc, to place the teeth as planned on the computer.

How do I care for INSIGNIA custom braces?

For aesthetic braces, we advise an extended oral hygiene routine while wearing braces:

  • orthodontic toothbrush and mono-bead toothbrush;

  • orthodontic floss and interdental brushes;

  • toothpaste alternated with remineralizing gel;

  • oral irrigator;

  • Avoid hard foods such as nuts;

  • You can find helpful tips and rules in the Orthodontic Patients section.

Damon Clear Ceramic Braces
Damon Q metal braces

Doctor's review

Leading orthodontist

The future of orthodontics lies in digital technology, such as INSIGNIA, which allows the orthodontist to be more precise, more predictable, save time and remove the human factor. And at the same time, this technology allows the doctor not to think about how to fix braces or what prescription (configuration) of braces to choose, because the prescription will already be individualized. The orthodontist has a creative component - the doctor can think more about the correct position of the teeth and realize, as an artist, perfect smiles.

Can children be fitted with INSIGNIA custom braces?

Children can only have Insignia braces if their bite is already permanent. At most, if one or two teeth are missing. Because if the teeth are not in the bite or they are undercut, the orthodontist will not take them into account in the computer processing and they will not be included in the mold. There are no other restrictions.

Recommendations and contraindications for INSIGNIA braces

Recommendations and contraindications are the same as those for ceramic braces or metal braces, depending on the bracket system chosen for customization.

Types of custom braces

INSIGNIA – is the only digital orthodontic technology for vestibular self-ligating braces. Other manufacturers have not yet been able to offer anything similar in terms of functionality.

Orthodontic treatment process
Consultation with an orthodontist
1 hour
Diagnosis (CBCT, TRG, casts, photoprotocol)
40 minutes
Patient's choice of treatment plan
Brace system fabrication
6 weeks
Braces installation
1,5 hours
Alignment of the dentition
3-4 months
Bite correction
4-8 months
Detailed orthodontic treatment
1-3 months
Retainer placement and braces removal
1 hour
Retention period
from 2 years oldт

Where can I put custom braces in St. Petersburg?

There are not many orthodontists in St. Petersburg and in Russia who own the INSIGNIA system. At Konfidencia Clinic, all orthodontists have long switched to using digital orthodontics when it coincides with the patient's situation and capabilities. And even more, they teach other Russian orthodontists to master this system. Choosing INSIGNIA and Konfidencia Aesthetic Orthodontics Clinic is the right first step towards a perfect smile.

How much do braces with a digital orthodontics system cost?

At Konfidencia Clinic, the approximate cost of braces is announced already at the consultation with the orthodontist. After orthodontic diagnosis, each patient receives 1 or 2 treatment options to choose from with complete financial plans for the entire treatment period. Be careful when comparing treatment plans. At specialized orthodontic centers, the plan includes the cost of diagnosis, bracket system placement on 2 teeth and a certain fixed number of activations – orthodontic visits (not monthly payments). A bracket-system cannot cost 25,000 rubles. It can be the price of only installing braces on 1 tooth row and nothing else, and as a result this figure will grow 5, 7 or more times.

Diagnostic consultation with a leading orthodontist
  • A detailed treatment plan in 1.5 hours
  • Planning according to the concept of accelerated treatment
  • Personal curator's help
4 900 rub
10 000 rub

Cost of braces

Updated 16.02.2024

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