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Emax ceramic crowns and veneers

Ultra-thin ceramic onlays will allow you to change the shape, size, and color of a tooth or close gaps between teeth.
Individual design and micro-relief development
Installation time — from 2 weeks
from 44 000 Rub

Ceramic (metal-free) crowns are considered the most aesthetic method of prosthetics due to the similarity of the ceramic surface in color and texture to natural teeth. However, with its external aesthetic qualities, ceramic — a brittle material that cannot withstand chewing loads. Therefore, cast crowns and onlays used to be placed only on the front teeth and with the recommendation to exclude nuts, seeds and other hard foods.

Ivoclar Vivadent (Liechtenstein) has found a solution to the problem of ceramic durability. The technology of manufacturing Emax crowns and veneers consists in the use of lithium disilicate — a glass ceramic, the chemical composition of which includes quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphorus oxide, aluminum oxide, potassium oxide. The crystalline structure of lithium disilicate simultaneously ensures the strength of orthopedic constructions and perfect naturalness due to the light permeability of the material.

Advantages of Emax ceramics

  • Natural appearance and excellent aesthetics of crowns
    Emax ceramics visually has all the qualities of natural dentin and enamel: transparency, translucency, luster. The technician in the laboratory selects the color for the crown coating exactly like the patient's own teeth, so the artificial tooth is indistinguishable from the rest. With the help of Emax, you can solve the problem of non-ideal color or enamel defects of your own teeth — make thin veneers for the frontal group.

  • Durability
    Emax withstands significant chewing loads without chipping or cracking. Unlike classical ceramics, this ceramic is suitable for the creation of three-unit bridges and the restoration of chewing teeth.

  • Durability
    The lifespan of Emax crowns and veneers due to their durability is 10-15 years, which with proper care is significantly longer than metal-ceramic crowns.

  • Hypoallergenic and comfortable
    Like classic ceramics, Emax does not affect the oral cavity and health: it does not taste, does not stain the gums, does not cause allergies, does not react to food dyes, does not absorb odors and tastes of products.

  • Minimal tooth preparation for the crown
    Because of the strength of ceramic, the crown can be quite thin and does not require significant tooth reshaping or depulping.

  • High cost of restorations.

Types of Emax crowns by manufacturing method

Orthopedic structures made of lithium dioxide come in two types, depending on the manufacturing technology.

Emax Press Technology

The crown is made by pressing the material under high pressure and temperature. For complete readiness, the product is covered with several layers of ceramics, painted in the desired color and glazed for a natural shine.

When using ceramics Emax Press Multi , you can do without additional layers of porcelain, since it already has an appropriate gradient of color and transparency from the base to the cutting edge of the tooth like natural teeth.

Emax CAD milling technology

The crown or veneer is milled from a single block of Emax ceramics using a machine tool based on a computer model. This manufacturing method is incredibly accurate and allows you to create an ideal crown with an accuracy of fractions of a millimeter. But the chiseled structure differs significantly in density and strength from the pressed one, therefore it is suitable only for the restoration of front teeth.

Types of orthopedic constructions made of Emax ceramics

  • veneers are durable, withstand high loads, including bending, and require minimal tooth turning. Several levels of transparency make it possible to achieve high aesthetic performance while maintaining the fineness of the product,
  • tabs help to restore a destroyed tooth provided that a sufficient volume of its own tissues is preserved,
  • Emax crowns make it possible to restore a tooth in case of serious damage,
  • bridge structures up to 3 units.

Veneers Емax 

Emach Veneers — is an innovative system for single lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restorations. Emach ceramics are characterized by high strength, durability and aesthetics. In order to match the natural appearance of the teeth as closely as possible, a system for color identification and matching has been developed — dentists have all possible variants in their arsenal. At the same time, the doctor can adjust not only the color, but also the transparency of the overlay, bringing it as close as possible to the natural enamel. Thus, the veneers Emach are completely indistinguishable in the tooth row, they will be noticed only by a professional.

The Emach technology allows you to create a veneer on a tooth that is only 0.3 millimeters thick. Due to its high strength, these veneers require minimal preparation, and in some cases, no tooth grinding at all.
Diagnostic consultation with a leading orthopedist
  • CBCT, scanning, photo protocol
  • A detailed treatment plan in 1.5 hours
  • Personal curator's help
4 900 rub
10 000 rub

Cost of Emax veneers and crowns

Керамический винир/коронка (e-max/цирконий) категории стандарт 44 000 rub

Керамический винир/коронка (e-max/цирконий) повышенной эстетики 59 000 rub

Керамический винир/коронка (e-max/цирконий) авторской эстетики 88 000 rub

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Updated 27.12.2023