Orthodontic treatment. Activation of the bracket system

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Activation duration — 40 minutes
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To correct your teeth and bite, it is not enough to simply glue braces on your teeth and wear them for several years. The most important part of orthodontic treatment — is not the fitting of the appliances, but their activations, which are performed by the orthodontist according to a clear treatment plan. Braces themselves do not move the teeth, for this is responsible orthodontic arch, and auxiliary elements of the structure: elastics, chains, ligatures. It is their work that the doctor monitors at routine visits during treatment.

Activation of the bracket system — this is the tightening of orthodontic appliances, replacement of arches, ligatures, monitoring of work and effectiveness.

During treatment, teeth change position and the original “settings” of the system no longer work for the final result. Each activation of the braces “starts” the system to work again.

How is the procedure for activating the bracket system?

The activation of the bracket system can take from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours, on average the procedure lasts 40 minutes.

A scheduled visit may include:

  1. Control inspection. Despite the fact that the treatment plan is discussed before the installation of the bracket system, the orthodontist needs to monitor the treatment process, see that the dentition is changing according to the approved plan.
  2. Arc replacement. A change in the position of the teeth entails a change in the geometry of the dentition. Because of this, the arc's bending decreases, and its main function weakens. In order for the treatment to bring its results, the orthodontist replaces the arch with another one suitable for the new position of the teeth and responsible for the next stage of treatment.
  3. Replacement of elastic elements — chains, ligatures. The elastic bands to hold the arch or elastic chains on the braces stretch, and as a result, the pressure on the teeth becomes less, and the treatment process slows down. Replacing these elements with new ones restores the effectiveness of the braces.
  4. The gluing of braces. Sometimes it happens that the bracket comes off the tooth, or its position needs to be changed according to the treatment plan.
  5. Setting up new elastic traction according to the treatment plan.
  6. Fixation of new elements: ballistae, buttons, chains and other auxiliary tools for the movement of teeth and treatment details.

During orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist may also prescribe additional procedures that require the involvement of other specialists: tooth extraction, micro-implant placement, micro-implant activation. Usually, such measures are discussed before the start of treatment based on the results of diagnostics.

Arc Replacement
Chain removal

How often do braces need to be activated?

The number of scheduled visits is calculated individually based on the complexity of the treatment and the type of system selected.

For treatment with Damon self-ligating braces, it is enough to visit an orthodontist every 1.5-2 months. The arch moves smoothly in the grooves of the bracket without additional pressure and does not harm teeth and bone tissue during such a period. And if the arc slips out of the groove, it can easily be inserted back and close the lid on its own without visiting a doctor.

With ligature braces orthodontist visits are required more often, on average once a month. In such systems, the arc is held not by the caps built into the locks, but by elastic ligatures. They stretch quickly, lose their shape and cannot hold the arc securely. The frequency of visits also depends on the stage of treatment: at the beginning of the visit less often, and by the end the doctor details the result and can prescribe activation once every 4-5 weeks.

The duration of treatment and the number of activations, as well as their frequency, are determined by the doctor in accordance with the treatment plan after diagnosis.

What happens if you skip activation?

The activation frequency is prescribed by the doctor based on your clinical picture. Each visit is timed precisely, as orthodontic arches and elastic parts work for a limited period of time. The arches bring the dentition to its optimal shape at this stage and cease to act, or they can harm. Elastic elements stretch and tear in a month, which also affects the effectiveness and duration of treatment.

If force majeure occurs or for any reason you cannot come to a scheduled appointment, you must inform your doctor about it. He will individually decide what needs to be done to avoid unwanted tooth movements. If you cannot arrive at the set time intervals for the activation of the bracket system, due to living in another city, illness, for example, then you can increase the intervals between activations to once every 3 months in consultation with your doctor. At the same time, you should understand that the duration of treatment will also increase.

Consistently attending activations without skipping — is a guarantee that the treatment will end on time with optimal results.

Do my teeth hurt after braces activation?

Unpleasant sensations of varying degrees of intensity can occur after activation, because the intensity of the system is increased. Depending on what changes have taken place, either all teeth or some specific teeth may hurt. This is normal — the braces affect the teeth and they move around, stretching the ligaments.

The most painful activations are considered – fixation of the bracket system and the next 2-3 activations, when the teeth are just beginning to get used to the pressure and forced movement. Then the changes become less perceptible, but pain may occur locally.

How to get rid of discomfort after activation?

In the first stages, when the thermoactive arches are in place, they are active at the temperature of the mouth. You can eat something cold, it will stop painful sensations by lowering the temperature of the oral cavity. But abuse this method is not necessary, because the purpose of treatment – change the position of the teeth, and at a lower temperature the arches cease to fulfill their function. If you feel severe pain, which is extremely rare, then take any usual painkiller.

Also, we recommend eating a soft diet for the first few days after activation so as not to put additional stress on your teeth.

If the braces rub the mucous membrane of the mouth, it is necessary to wax the source of irritation. The wax is given by the orthodontist at the appointment, it is food-grade, so it is not a big deal if you swallow it. If the arch is bothering you, scratching, rubbing or cutting – see a doctor, he will trim it, and also use any oral gel to restore the mucosa.

Diagnostic consultation with a leading orthodontist
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  • Planning according to the concept of accelerated treatment
  • Personal curator's help
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Cost of orthodontic treatment

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