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Chirko Inna Sergeevna

Orthodontist, experience 7 years
🤓 Will explain the treatment plan in detail and understandably
🙌🏻 Calm atmosphere at the reception
🌱 Delicate manual skills

About the doctor

Inna Sergeevna is a competent doctor with excellent manual skills and developed clinical thinking. Being a part of the team and a graduate of the Konfidencia residency, she works according to modern protocols and pays great attention to the stage of careful treatment planning. The doctor works with all types of braces, aligners, removable devices for orthodontic treatment of children and adults.

Thanks to her developed empathy, Inna Sergeevna is able to hear the patient's wishes and explain the subtleties of the upcoming treatment in an accessible way.

Key skills and specialization

  • Diagnosis, analysis and planning of orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment of adults and children with removable and fixed orthodontic appliances
  • Adult treatment with eliners
  • Orthodontic preparation of patients for implants and prosthetics
Education +
Faculty of Stomatology of the First St. Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University.
Clinical residency at the Department of Orthodontics of the First St. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University.
Additional education +
ORMCO School of Orthodontics (Tikhonov A.V., Tikhonov S.V.)
Academy of Orthodontics «Technologies in Orthodontics».
Mini-seminar «Planning, process, result of orthodontic treatment with CT» Dubovskaya Marina.
Chikhun E.O. «Excursion to orthodontics».
«Bracket groove as a part of Damon System» philosophy. M.S. Morozov.
Participant of the Scientific and Practical Conference «Modern pediatric dentistry and orthodonticsя».
Voronina D.V. «Orthodontic arches».
Christmas meetings with Ormco.
Mini-seminar «Moving teeth in orthodontics on Damon» system. M.A. Dubovskaya.
Participant of the Forum «Orthodontic Expert».
Participant of «Meeting of graduates of the School of Orthodontics» in Moscow.
Mini-seminar «Treatment of adolescents on fixed appliances», M.A. Dubovskaya.
Stuart Frost's seminar «The Art of Orthodontics. Patient — in the first place» in Moscow.
Biomechanics in orthodontics. Basic laws and concepts. And Dmitry.
The golden rules of self-ligation. Matthias Anguillieri
Orthoreload. Generalization of clinical experience. Reloading, module 1. Morozov M. Zernov K.
Orthoreload. Errors and complications in orthodontic treatment. Reloading, module 2. Morozov M. Zernov K.
Orthoskeptic Conference
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The doctor's consultations

Андрей, 03 сентября 2021
Is it okay to chew gum with braces?

Answer Chirko I. S.

Orthodontist, experience 7 years

Chewing gum with braces is not recommended...

Андрей, 01 марта 2022
Can braces be removed early?

Answer Chirko I. S.

Orthodontist, experience 7 years

In most cases, we bring the treatment to completion with a perfect result...

Лиза, 05 августа 2022
Can 1 tooth be aligned without braces?

Answer Chirko I. S.

Orthodontist, experience 7 years

Aligning a single uneven tooth without braces is possible with the use of alternative appliances —  aligners, special mouthguards for correction....

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