Invisible WIN lingual braces

Customized cobalt-chromium alloy internal braces
Absolute invisibility of treatment
Temporarily unavailable in Russia

Many people want a beautiful smile, but not everyone is willing to wear visible braces in their mouth for several years. For those who want to correct their bite discreetly, there are lingual braces.

Lingual braces WIN — is a customized lingual bracket system made of safe cobalt-chromium alloy, created by the German company DW Lingual Systems GmbH. They are manufactured using digital technology, which guarantees predictable results. Lingual braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, so they are completely invisible to others.

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Features of WIN braces

  1. The plates for fixing braces are made individually, taking into account the relief of the teeth, for better adhesion to the tooth surface. The grip provides comfort, prevents the demineralization of teeth and the occurrence of caries under the braces.

  2. The hypoallergenic alloy is suitable for installation in patients prone to allergies.

  3. Predictable result due to the use of computer simulation technology before installation.

  4. Fast treatment due to the individual arc.

  5. Fast habituation and comfort are provided by the flat design of the braces. They do not interfere with chewing and talking, and do not injure the tongue. Diction violations are possible for the first time after installation.

  6. The price is lower than other lingual braces — Incognito.

Stages of treatment with the WIN lingual system
Consultation of an orthodontist + 3D-scan+photoprotocol+ impression taking
1 hour
Sending impressions and doctor's comments to Germany
1 week
Creating a virtual and physical 3D model of an even smile
1 week
Harmonization of models with the attending physician
1 week
Computerized brace design and fabrication of braces, arches and transfer mouthpiece
1 week
Sending a set of brackets, bars and mouth guards together with physical 3D models to the clinic
1 week
Braces fixation through a mouth guard (indirect fixation method)
2 hours
Brace system activations ~16 activations
once every 1.5 months for 40-60 minutes
Removal of the bracket system and installation of retainers
2 hors
Retention period
from 2 years

WIN braces care

  • To maintain good hygiene, you need to thoroughly clean braces from food residues with the help of brushes and special brushes, for example, monopuck. It is recommended to use an irrigator, as the internal braces are not visible, and therefore it is more difficult to clean.

  • Lingual braces, like conventional ones, require a conscious approach to nutrition: it is necessary to exclude hard, viscous and sweet foods.

  • It is mandatory to visit a hygienist once every 3 months or on the recommendation of an orthodontist.

Features of adaptation to WIN braces

Lingual braces initially cause significant discomfort with constant contact with the mucosa. For the first couple weeks, the braces chafe and interfere with clear diction. But the flat design and individualized arches make it easier to get used to them relatively quickly.

With lingual braces, don't plan any public appearances in the first few days after installation. Use a special orthodontic wax to relieve mouth discomfort.

Win lingual brace system. — the best solution for completely invisible treatment at a relatively affordable price. Individual modeling of the system will make treatment fast and comfortable for patients with any bite problems.

Updated 16.02.2024

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