Placement of veneers on the upper dentition

Restore aesthetics with orthodontic preparation, implants and prosthetics.

Treating doctors




2 years

Patient request

The patient came in with complaints of malocclusion and uneven teeth

The results of the diagnostics revealed:

  • straight cutter ratio
  • tooth misalignment
  • III class on the right
  • tooth decay 12
  • pulpless tooth 22

What was done

Stage 1: Orthodontic treatment, braces Damon Clear

8 teeth were removed before orthodontic treatment

Treatment period: 11 months

Stage 2: Placement of the implant and crown of the 22nd tooth

The second incisor was extracted for therapeutic reasons. Implantation of the tooth was performed as a one-stage procedure. A temporary crown was placed.

Stage 3: Teeth whitening

Clinical teeth whitening was done before the veneers were placed Zoom 4.

Stage 4: Placement of veneers on the upper dentition

Placed high aesthetic veneers on the upper tooth row.

That's what we got