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Татьяна, 14 августа 2022

Can I get braces when I have periodontal disease?

The doctor's answer


Answer Reznichenko Anna Stanislavovna

Orthodontist, Team lead of pediatric orthodontics, experience 6 years

When planning treatment for a patient with periodontal disease, the clinical situation should be assessed first. If there is a traumatic occlusion or severe tooth erosion, it is not advisable to postpone braces. In such a situation, bracket placement is scheduled as soon as possible, and treatment in the initial stages is realized with weak forces to eliminate the traumatic bite. Such treatment is planned together with a periodontist, so that the doctor assesses the clinical picture and risks: the level of bone tissue, gums, mobility of teeth. If there is no traumatic bite situation, periodontitis must be treated before braces are placed. Depending on the clinical picture, one or a complex of methods can be chosen: periodontal cleaning, open curettage, root biomodification.

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