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Максим, 02 декабря 2022

What is TMJ dysplasia?

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Answer Petrova Elena Alexandrovna

Orthodontist, Team lead TMJ, experience 10 years

Temporomandibular joint dysplasia – is a developmental disorder of the joint, leading to impaired function. Partial or complete underdevelopment of the joint heads is quite often accompanied by other defects and dysplasias of the maxillofacial region (underdevelopment of the maxilla, zygomatic arch, external or middle ear).
TMJ dysplasia can be congenital, or acquired (overgrowth or undergrowth of joint components).

Such anomalies of TMJ development lead to facial symmetry disorder, TMJ dysfunction and development of pathological bite at the skeletal level. Treatment will depend on the degree of severity of pathology and can be both conservative (splint therapy, physiotherapy, orthodontic treatment) and surgical – restoration of the joint, lengthening and changing the shape of the jaws.

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