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Atraumatic technology for surgical procedures
Quick rehabilitation after procedures
Duration 1-2 hours
from 5 000 Rub
Piezosurgery — is a modern method of delicate and precise execution of surgical operations using ultrasound waves. The peculiarity of this technology is atraumatic work with hard (bone) tissues and complete absence of impact on soft tissues. Due to ultrasound waves soft tissues as if “spring back” from the nozzle of the piezo-apparatus and are not damaged in the process of surgery.

In addition to the absence of risk of injury, the work with the modern instrument is characterized by a special subtlety. Thanks to the miniature piezo knife nozzle, the doctor has full control over the surgical interventions. The incisions are performed delicately: ultrasound waves cut the bone tissue at a precise point, leaving neat incisions and without traumatizing soft tissue.

Operations made comfortable with the use of piezo:

1. Sinus lifting

Lifting the maxillary sinus with a piezo-apparatus — is an ideal treatment option, as it is almost impossible to damage the membrane of the sinus. The main feature of sinus lifting — is the ability to work with complex anatomy: septums, uneven bottom, uneven wall thickness, etc.

2. Bone grafting

Bone grafting performed by this method is not accompanied by blood loss and traumatization of the patient. Bone tissue is delicately softened by piezo-apparatus without damaging soft tissues — vessels, mucous membrane.

3. Removal of deep-lying wisdom teeth

Piezosurgery in the case of removal of 8 teeth in general does not offer any special advantages over the classical method of treatment. However, in the case of deep and complex wisdom teeth, this instrument will be an excellent assistant in order not to traumatize the gingiva and relieve the patient from unpleasant sensations.

4. Orthodontic microsurgery (compactosteotomy)

In orthodontics, piezo is used to make moving teeth easier. Most often, this procedure is done before orthodontic treatment to move abnormally positioned teeth. They are firmly positioned in the wells of the bone plate, which does not allow for easy repositioning. Within this clinical situation, the doctor makes point incisions on the hard part of the bone tissue with a piezo apparatus, and thus reduces the density of the lamina.

5. Complex surgery

Resection of growths, implant removal, bone block grafting and more.

Advantages of piezosurgery over classical methods:

  • No impact on soft tissue

  • Ability to perform virtually any complex surgery

  • Reduces complications during admission and speeds up the treatment process

  • When performing complex surgical manipulations will safeguard the patient — atraumaticity

  • Predictable surgical success

  • There are contraindications to surgery

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • In the development of cardiovascular disease
  • If there's cancer
  • With diabetes, tuberculosis.
  • Lung diseases (bronchial asthma, emphysema)
  • If there are serious central nervous system disorders (mental disorders)
  • If the patient has a pacemaker
  • If at the time of surgery the patient has a disease that runs in an acute form, it is better to wait until full recovery
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Cost of surgical procedures

Операция закрытого синус-лифтинга (без материалов) 17 000 rub

Операция открытого синус-лифтинга (без материалов) 55 000 rub

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Updated 25.12.2023